Tuesday, April 24, 2012

internet radio port

Some of radio stations are firewall-friendly and have radio streaming on http port , so you can listen them behind any firewall.
Usually this station has streaming URL like http://radioserver.com/station1

Non firewall-friendly stations usually has port started from 8000 like 8001,8002, etc.
And has streaming url like where is server-ip and 8023 is port.

Some stations has stream file available for download like .rm or .pls or .m3u .
It's text file , and if you open them in notepad you will see streaming url inside the file like

To check if radio station is available from your network - download port tester from this site and enter streaming server and port and click on Test button.

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  1. This is like a goldmine for someone like me who loves to listen to the radio but can never get a good signal on it! ill definitely be trying this product!