Wednesday, August 10, 2011

check port open

portester application is for easy network port testing ,can be used to check if port is open or to see see if port is blocked.
Port tester is windows port tester tool and comparable to online port test it can check if specific port is open in computer inside your local network or local computer.
Can check if popular services like msn,
yahoo, google-talk, irc, facebook-chat,ftp
are available from your network.
It's port tester software capable to test port connectivity from any windows machine without installation and see if ports are open on remote server
and test connection to port. Capable to test port connection to windows and linux servers.
Also it cane be used for port testing of firewalls to verify if port is blocked for outgoing connections.
Here is more information how to check port access.

port 81

This port 81 is used by some 'alternative' webservers like light-http,nginx,etc.
Since it is very close to http port in case of default http server (IIS,apache) is installed
on computer, this 81 port is used by these lightweight webservers.
You can check if this port is open by porttester , specify remote computer and 81
as a port.
If porttester will return 'Port available' most likely this port is used by some webservice.
Open task manager and try to look after processes like lighttpd.exe or nginx.exe,
shutdown this process and recheck the port, if porttester will return Port is not available
that means this port was using by this webservers.

Friday, August 5, 2011

port tester windows

I was looking for simple application application that allows to
check port open on remote or local server or see if port is blocked.

I was trying to check port using telnet,
but telnet is old not very convenient command-line tool -
is currently removed from windows7.

Also there are websites for online port test .
They can test only your outside firewall and I was afraid to share information
about my network infrastructure and open ports on internet.

All existed tools like nmap or nc rise bells on corporate antivirus and firewalls.

So I created this simple port testing application.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

If this message returned by port tester that means server is found but connection to the specific port is closed.
The possible reason is that service that you are trying to verify on that specific port is not running
or running on another port, try to check service status or verify service configuration files.

check if server port is open

1.Download port tester application from this site (download button on the left) .
2.Application has two text-boxes on the top : one for server name or ip another for port.
3.Enter server name and port and click on [Test] button to test specific port on this server.
4.Application will return "Port available" if port is open on this server or will return
connection errors if port or server is unavailable such as "server not found" or "server unavailable".

Monday, August 1, 2011

rdp port windows 7

windows is using port 3389 for rdp protocol activity.
In order to enable incoming rdp requests you have to configure your router to allow connections on port 3389.
Also you can check if port is accessible by porttester by specifying server name and port 3389.

verify port 443 is open

you can verify it easily like on screenshot below , can be replaced with other remote server if you want to test particular server.

port 113

this is "Authentication Server Protocol" port.
Usually service is running on routers and *nix servers and it returns a character string which identifies the owner
of that connection on the server's system.

This port is closed on windows machine in default configuration.
Also port 113 is used by applications those connecting to IRC servers
More detailed information can be read in this RFC document.