Saturday, January 14, 2017

test if network blocking port

Port can be blocked by providers , corporate firewalls and routers.
Usually ports are closed to prevent intrusion or according to company policy.
To check if  port is blocked run port tester , enter destination server  and port number and click on test button
If Port is clocked application  will show this into result window.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

how to check port availability in windows

To try application :

1.Click on download button on the right side and download application.
2.Double click on downloaded zip archive(no installation required)
3.Type name of the computer to check and port which would you like to check
4.Click on test
If application returned "Port Available" then this port is open on computer you have specified.

Full versions has no limitations and include sources (in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010).
To buy full version click on "Full version tab".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

internet radio port

Some of radio stations are firewall-friendly and have radio streaming on http port , so you can listen them behind any firewall.
Usually this station has streaming URL like

Non firewall-friendly stations usually has port started from 8000 like 8001,8002, etc.
And has streaming url like where is server-ip and 8023 is port.

Some stations has stream file available for download like .rm or .pls or .m3u .
It's text file , and if you open them in notepad you will see streaming url inside the file like

To check if radio station is available from your network - download port tester from this site and enter streaming server and port and click on Test button.

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chat port

Chat port is different depending on chat type and chat server:
  • web chat Usually it's using port 443 or port 80
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat Usually it's using port 6667 , but it can be different.
  • Facebook Chat it's using port 5222
Also different messengers using different ports:
  • Yahoo messanger using port 5050
  • MSN messanger using port 1863 or 80

    • You can download port tester from this website and check port availability.

Monday, April 23, 2012

irc port

IRC or Internet Relay Chat server default port is 6667.
But some different irc-servers may use different ports from 6660 to 7000.
To check if IRC port is open : porttester application from this site.
b.Start it (no installation required) and type irc server name in server box and 6667 in port box.(or other specific IRC port for this server if specified)
c.Click on "Test" button , if server is available you will see "Port is Available" message.
If server is not available you will receive "Port is Not Available".

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http port number

port 80 is default HTTP port number.
When we are typing URL in browser like , browser application
connecting to server port 80.
It's possible to specify other port , in this case URL will be like .
All major web servers has default port 80 as service port.
However if this port is occupied by another application , web server may start on different port.

To check if port 80 is occupied on your computer or to verify if webserver is running.
Download and run porttester, and enter in server textbox localhost and 80 in port textbox.
Then click on Test button.
If server is running on HTTP port you will see Port is not available.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

check port open

portester application is for easy network port testing ,can be used to check if port is open or to see see if port is blocked.
Port tester is windows port tester tool and comparable to online port test it can check if specific port is open in computer inside your local network or local computer.
Can check if popular services like msn,
yahoo, google-talk, irc, facebook-chat,ftp
are available from your network.
It's port tester software capable to test port connectivity from any windows machine without installation and see if ports are open on remote server
and test connection to port. Capable to test port connection to windows and linux servers.
Also it cane be used for port testing of firewalls to verify if port is blocked for outgoing connections.
Here is more information how to check port access.